What is Luminaria Global?

Luminaria Global is a social and economic movement that digitally unites people from around the globe who understand the power and freedom Bitcoin offers. You can join as an Affiliate, Agent, Member or Merchant.

Our mission is to help each life we touch THRIVE!!
Luminaria Global

Services we Provide

Luminaria Global is excited to announce a variety of services available that you can enjoy now and some that are coming very soon.

Crypto Trading

Trading opportunities available for everyone wanting to develop their crypto business and investments.


Enjoy being part of the NFT phenomenon. “Non-Fungible Tokens” are digital data units that can be sold or traded.

Crypto Exchange

Trade cryptocurrencies for a variety of assets including an assortment of digital and fiat currencies.

Online Shopping

Connect with merchants worldwide who sell unique products you want. And purchase them using your crypto account.

Online Casino

No need to leave the comfort of your home for a fun gaming experience. Enjoy playing Casino Games right here on your computer, tablet or phone. The fun awaits!


Enjoy access to the world's biggest lotteries: USA Powerball and Megamillions, European EuroMillions and Euro Jackpot, Spanish El Gordo, Italian Superena, Australian OZ Lotto and Global Game World Lottery.


Get the highest odds on the planet when you play our exclusive raffle. There is a jackpot winner of cash and/or prizes with every draw.


This popular lottery-style game dates back 2,000 years to China. Pick your numbers and be awarded based on the numbers you selected. "Enjoy the draws every 4 minutes!"